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Finn Jones wywiad (english)

niedziela, 30 października 2011 20:26
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Mam ten wywiad, ale nie mam siły już go dzisiaj tłumaczyć więc zamieszczę póki co po angielsku. Myślę, że jest bardzo przystępny i można bez problemu załapać o co chodzi:) Wywiad dotyczy serialu "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Jest to wywiad z Finnem oraz z Katy Manning, która grała babcię bohatera granego przez Jonesa. Pogrubiłam te zdania, które szczególnie przypadły mi do gustu:P



Nabu: So, how is today for you? How have you found the experience so far [at the convention]?

Finn: Yeah it's been great! This is my first convention, I'm breaking my virginity.
Katy: I had to be with him.
Finn: Yeah, Granny had to be there...
Katy: Granny had to check this out! (laughs)

Mac: That's going to be quoted in the interview, y'know.

Finn: Oh it's recording?! (laughs) Yeah, my Gran was there when I lost my virginity...
Katy: Well this is the kind of Granny who would! (laughs)



Nabu: What was it like returning to the BBC set after so many years? Was it like a learning curve? Mac: Was it reminiscent of the past?

Katy: Yeah well first of all, the moment I found myself on that freezing cold mountain, it was like old times, y'know. The only difference was, I wasn't wearing a mini skirt, which was a great relief because everybody was watching! And going into the TARDIS was fascinating because it has changed and become very cutting-edge and it was very exciting because, although I was quite nervous to bring back this character, and you have no rehearsal, you go straight in—

(At this point, Tommy Knight enters!)

Finn: Tommy Knight has just come in here! Tommy Knight, get here now, we're having an interview, and you are just causing a scene...
Katy: I think you'd better come and sit here with us... (pointing at Tommy's 'hip' walking style) Did you see his walk? Did you see the walk?!
Finn: He needs to keep his trousers up!
Tommy: Look, right, I don't have a belt [for my trousers] so I had to use a shoelace!
Katy: It's like a bad-man Saturday Night Fever.
Tommy: Well, maybe I am a bad man out on a Saturday night...!

(everyone laughs)

Mac: This is all going up on the site, you know.
Katy: (laughs) But it really was a terrific experience being back. As I say, no rehearsing and so you just had to go through it. How could you go wrong with a Russell T Davies script? And you know, such wonderful actors, like Matt. I think including the audiobooks now, I'm into seven or eight Doctors!



Nabu: Did you collaborate with Russell about your character?
Katy: Well, he was constantly in touch: very hands-on, very caring. Absolutely lovely. And in terms of the character, if you look at the piece, it's the perfect carry-on from where she left off. For three years, from being this little, cunning 18 year old and this sort of, slightly 'knowing' young lady, going off and getting married. I think with everything that she did, you can imagine her doing that.

Mac: So, Finn, what was the experience like for you compared to Hollyoaks? How was it different?

Finn: It was great. Really really great. Both sets were really welcoming. And Doctor Who is a massive world, y'know these people are so established in what they do, so to come along first it was a bit like 'Oh I might be out of my depth,' but everyone was so welcoming and so lovely and the script was so great. And it wasn't 'The Matt Smith Show' or 'The Katy Manning Show', it was a collaborative double episode where everyone had a fair story in it. I had the time of my life!



Katy: And working with Lis, for me, I thought that [Jo and Sarah] complimented each other really well, and I loved working with her. Yeah, it's true, everybody had their little moment.
Finn: Except for Tommy, 'cause he wasn't it. Were you Tommy?
Tommy: No, I was... er... (Katy laughs)
Finn: Thank God, because if you were in it, I wouldn't have been in it!
Tommy: You're sort of like an upgrade, aren't you?
Finn: Upgrade? Oh thank you!

Mac: Oh, nobody could upgrade you, Tommy.
Tommy: (laughs) Yeah.
Katy: Hang on, if you [Finn] hadn't been in it, and you [Tommy] had been in it, what would I have been?
Mac: A Shansheeth?
(everybody laughs)
Katy: Mrs Shansheeth! Yes, with a bright, nylon frock.



Mac: Katy, had you been a fan of Elisabeth Sladen or Sarah Jane Smith prior to returning?
Katy: Well, we didn't have it where I was living (in the Andes!) No, we didn't have it. So I'd actually only seen what I had seen; I had met this lovely young man called Tommy—
Tommy: In Gally [Gallifrey One LA, 2010]
Katy: ...yes, in America, and obviously I know Lis, so it was important to me to have a little look to see what it was. I thought that the production values of that show were fabulous! And I thought Lis was brilliant in it, and I was really really happy to be part of it.


Mac: It's probably because of your Iris Wildthyme connection.
Katy: (in Iris' voice) Oh I don't think it's anything to do with Iris, darling! I think this is summat I've been doing for a long time!
(everyone laughs)

Nabu: So yeah, I was really impressed with your knowledge of the show, did you research it well before you got into it, or did you just jump in?
Katy: I'm an old actress, darling, I just pick it up instantly(!)
Finn: Alright—! Jesus! (laughs)



Nabu: Is there a potential for you to do more Doctor Who in the future? You know, like come onto the main show, or do your own show?
Finn: It'll be the 'Jo Jones and Santiago Trials'...
Katy: When it comes to the grandson, here, I think he would be a fabulous character to go back into with. I think if I were a producer or whatever, I'd see a lovely moment for you to return. It's lovely; what kid has never been to school, you know? [He and his parents] have been dragged all around the world, very happily for most of the time, but he's suddenly seen that there was something else out there, and that was beautifully played. I love how she has had 7 children and 13 grandchildren, and dropped them at the foothills and then gone off and chained herself to Robert Mugabe!



Mac: Finn, how did you approach your character since you were 'replacing' Tommy Knight? Obviously, Tommy has his loyal fanbase etc.
Finn: Well I wanted to go in, be better looking than Tommy and steal all of his fans... nah, I'm joking.
Tommy: Well it sort of worked! Earlier on in the day, someone came up to me with a photo of Finn!
Finn: That's happened to me, too! Someone people come up to me with Tommy's photo, and I'm like 'W-w-w-what?!' But yeah, I just kind of went with it, worked with the script and stuff.


Mac: Cool. And I asked Tommy this yesterday; do you follow forums and discussion boards to see what people are saying about you?
Finn: I don't. I've done that before and it's just not worth it. I appreciate that everyone has their own opinions, but you've got to have some kind of barrier. It's nice to hear a few things or a few articles, but if you get obsessed with it, you become dependant on it - and it's not healthy. (o tym pisałam w mailu)
Katy: It would be mind-numbingly boring. I cannot think of anything worse...



Finn: It's nice that people are speaking about it, but I think that you should go in, do your job, have fun and that's it.
Katy: I think also, if you read what people say about you, it must have some effect - deep down in your head - that you're actually caring what somebody is thinking! It's like in the old days, you used to read somebody's publicity and people used to start to believe that they were that person.



Nabu: Finishing off, what kind of stuff do you have lined up for the future?
Finn: I am doing a show for HBO at the moment, called Game of Thrones. It's based on a series of books called A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin. I'm playing a character called Ser Lores Tyrell, who is a knight.
Nabu: Did you have to put on outfits?
Finn: Yeah, it's like the Lord of the Rings territory, so kind of Middle Earth-esque.
Katy: He looks so handsome in his armour!
Mac: Is that the end of the interview?
(everyone laughs)










Nic nie mówię już nawet. Brak mi słów.


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  • dodano: 31 października 2011 17:14

    Aune, az takich scen tam chyba nie pokazali:P w sensie seksu:P ale dla mnie i tak wiesz...:P:P

    autor nati

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 17:08

    od 2:55... romantycznioe

    od 4:50 i "me too" w 5:13 - jesus christ

    autor nati-bjoergensen


  • dodano: 31 października 2011 17:02

    to "morning" i te uniesione brwi... ja umieram umieram po prostu....

    więcej tego jest, ale nie mam czasu teraz za bardzo szukać tego.... jest online na youtubie wszystko

    autor nati-bjoergensen


  • dodano: 31 października 2011 17:00

    tu od 03:22 minuty mnie zbombardował... mogłabym nawet zabić za to, żeby leżeć tam obok niego:P

    autor nati-bjoergensen


  • dodano: 31 października 2011 16:55

    od 2 min

    autor nati-bjoergensen


  • dodano: 31 października 2011 16:49

    Ja też chcę zobaczyć uwodzicielskiego Finna. Nati daj namiar na jakiś najbardziej adekwatny odcinek tego serialu.

    autor Aune

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 16:06

    no tak niby to tylko gra, ale... jednak się na to PATRZY i po prostu.... nie mogę znieść czegoś takiego:Pkiedy facet patrzy tym swoim pożądliwym wzrokiem to można się zapaść pod ziemię:P:P:P a kiedy zaciśnie do tego usta lub przygryzie wargę i zamruczyxd to już w ogóle... skoro Finna nie zniosę to Kita ju.ż chyba tym bardziej....

    ale z drugiej strony... Promyk zrobił u mnie karierę i awansował więc może to dlatego:P xd
    widziałam pewną scenę w pociągu wczoraj i tak sobie pomarzyłam o nim własńie... nie o Kicie tylko o nim x

    autor nati

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 15:41

    @nati dla tego wolę oglądać Rysia w scenach gejowski :) na pewno sceny Kita i Ygritte nie będą należały do przyjemnych tak samo jak sceny Richa z ta panną ale trza sobie powtarzać, że "to tylko gra to tylko gra" :)

    autor kate - Queen in the North

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 15:22

    zastanawiam się czy tak samo zareaguję na scenę Kita i Ygritte.... albo na scenę Kita/Vincenta i Adelaide/Heather.... hmmmmm..... "Gry o tron" raczej nie wyłącze, ale serce może boleć. chociaż ze mną to ostatnio różnie bywa....

    autor nati

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 15:11

    chyba w gejowskich bym go zniosła, ale w hetero:P nie jestem w stanie. znaczy Finn gra tam dilera, któremu w oko wpada pewna dziewczyna Hannah... uwodzi ją itd... wiadomo:P biorą razem ectasy, piją, chodza na imprezy... generalnie Finn jest raczej takim cwaniaczkiem, lowelasem, bad boyem - co bardzo do niego pasuje:P.... ale ja po prostu jestem zazdrosna o niego i nie moge patrzec na niego kiedy on patrzy na nią w taki sposób:P
    a scena, w ktorej leżą i ona się budzi i on do niej się śmieje i mówi :"morning" to mnie zmiażdżyła po prostu:P automatycznie to wyłączyłąm:P:P

    autor nati

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 14:30

    @nati a gdyby to były sceny gejowskie lepiej byś to zniesła??

    Zaciekawiłaś mnie i chyba poszukam sobie "Hollyoaks Later" zobaczymy co tam Promyczek wyprawia :)

    autor kate - Queen in the North

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 11:17

    chcialam oglądać ten "Hollyoaks Later", ale jak zobaczyłam Finna w scenach z inną... TAKICH scenach... to mnie po prostu szlag trafił i nie mogłam znieść tego uwodzicielskiego głosu, usmiechu i spojrzenia... nie nie nie ja się nie godzę:P choć musze przyznać, że inspirujące to to było:P

    ja kiedyś oglądałam Dr. Who kilka odcinków... ale jakieś takie nie dla mnie to to:P

    co do Rycha - zauroczył mnie jego uśmiech... jest przecudowny

    autor nati

  • dodano: 31 października 2011 8:24

    @wera nio plan dobry ale bardziej niz teściowa przeszkadza mi ta pani O.

    @nati Rys jest bardzo godnym, seksownym, mega seksownym Królem tylko nie wiem po co w tym ostatnim gifie swój piękny uśmiech zakrywa :(

    @wera to ja musze Merlina obejrzeć skoro tam juz połowa obsady wystąpiła :)

    autor kate-Queen in the North

  • dodano: 30 października 2011 22:46

    Ojej, wygląda na to, że trzeba będzie zacząć oglądać Dr Who. Trochę się boję zacząć, bo naprodukowali tyle sezonów, no ale to już klasyk, więc... hmn... Poza tym David Tennant i Catherine Tate to duża zachęta (wiem, ze to w tych straszych sezonach, bo teraz jest nowy Dr Who). No i gościnne występy, Finn Jones? Super! Ciekawe kiedy go do Merlina wezmą, bo tam gościnnie to chyba połowa obsady wystąpiła ;)

    @Kate: co do moich planów, to obejmują one na razie wyeliminowanie durnej mateczki Robba. Król już ma żonę, więc myślę, że jakaś marna aktorzyna ze znanym nazwiskiem nie stanowi zagrożenia. Jeśli się to zmieni, to Cat będzie mieć towarzystwo wysoko w swojej wieży.... ;)

    autor wera

  • dodano: 30 października 2011 20:37

    Oh My God


    zazdroszcze wam tego Króla:P:P seryjnie...

    autor nati

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